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lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

bmw x6 m50d


  1. BMW X6 : BMW X6 M50d

    The irresistible dynamics of the BMW X6 M50d are underlined by eye-catching details that set it apart from other BMW X6 models ? M genes included.
  2. 2012 BMW X6 M50d marries diesel performance with efficiency

    Mar 7, 2012 ... Diesel engines are synonymous with torque, and torque equals acceleration. Considering these facts, it's great to see some ...
  3. 2013 BMW X6 M50d (facelift / LCI) in action - YouTube

    Jan 26, 2012 ... X5 - ????? ????????))by TKTbmw8569 views · BMW X6 M50d la Salonul auto de la Geneva 1:40. Watch Later BMW X6 M50d la Salonul auto ...
  4. 2013 BMW X6 M50d - YouTube

    Jan 25, 2012 ... The global success of the BMW X model concept is rooted in a level of sporting flair unmatched by any other all-wheel-drive car with off-road ...
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  1. 1:46

    BMW M550d, X5 M50d and X6 M50d video - YouTube

    26/01/2012 às 02:28:00
    As expected, the BMW M550d, BMW 550d Touring, BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d have been revealed as the first models in the new BMW M Division range ...

  2. 1:46

    BMW M550d xDrive, X5 M50d e X6 M50d - YouTube

    26/01/2012 às 10:29:28
    Primo video ufficiale dedicato alle BMW M550d xDrive, X5 M50d e X6 M50d Maggiori informazioni su

  3. 1:13

    BMW X6 M50d al Salone di Ginevra - YouTube

    12/03/2012 às 08:27:30

  4. 1:03

    Video anticipazione BMW X6 M50d - II parte.flv - YouTube

    15/12/2011 às 17:10:10
    Secondo video con prtoagonista la BMW X6 M50d. Maggiori informazioni su www.autoblog.it

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  1. First drive review: BMW X6 M50d Review | Autocar

    20/07/2012 às 05:24:00 por sconosciuto
    Adds a dose of reality to the X6 M's madcap formula with a groundbreaking engine that may shine brighter elsewhere.
  2. 2012 BMW X6 M50d review, specs, first drive, for sale, msrp, price

    11/08/2012 às 13:30:00 por noreply@blogger.com (Top Gear)
    The high-performance engine with two turbochargers TwinScroll, double-Vanos and High Precision Injection catapult the BMW X6 M50d with 555 hp and maximum torque of 680 Nm from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. The concept of ...
  3. BMW X6 M50d | Car World ? All about automobile world

    22/07/2012 às 04:59:22 por admin
    What is it like? Not that the X6 M50d is poke-starved ? its mighty 546lb ft of torque trumps the X6 M by a comfortable 45lb ft. A small, variable-geometry turbo works at low revs, a larger blower joins the fray at 1500rpm, and a ...
  4. Cars & Life: Goodwood Festival of Speed: BMW X6 M50d

    05/07/2012 às 01:29:00 por Uygar Kilic
    I saw BMW X6 M50d model during February with partial camouflage but I didn't have chance to take a picture. Now, here it is! This X6 M50d would definitely offer the best driving experience with its three turbos! 381 PS of ...
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  1. BMW X6 M50d Euro Spec First Drive What's a True M Car Anymore ...

    MotorTrend Magazine
    15/08/2012 às 06:11:10
    There's lot to hate about the BMW X6 M50d if you're a dyed-in-the-wool M car fan. The vehicle that breaks the holy trinity of M laws: that its products be gas-powered (preferably with no boost), rear-drive, and exhibit scalpel-like handling. BMW X6 ...

  2. Audi SQ5 TDI, un fulmine a gasolio

    19/07/2012 às 06:07:26
    Audi SQ5 TDI. Le versioni sportive delle SUV a gasolio non sono una novità assoluta, come dimostrano le BMW X5 ed X6 M50d, ma il fatto che l'inedita Audi SQ5 TDI proponga per la prima volta il famoso logo "S" su di una sport utility è a dir poco curioso.

  3. BMW X6 M50d

    01/08/2012 às 10:15:09
    Perhaps the most significant thing about the X6 M50d is that - along with a similarly-equipped X5 - it's the equal first BMW to be fitted with a rather spectacular diesel engine. BMW X6 M50d Engine. BMW has quite a history of creating diesels, of ...

  4. Video: BMW X6 M50d in Australia

    BMW BLOG (blog)
    24/07/2012 às 13:11:35
    The mid-life update of the BMW X6 was launched to the Australian media in Australia's Northern Territory between Wildman Wilderness Lodge, outside of Kakadu National Park and Hidden Valley Racetrack. Here's a look at this first ever tri-turbo and most ...

    BMW BLOG (blog)

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