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giovedì 18 aprile 2013

dhl tracking notification id


  1. New DHL Tracking Notification E-mails are Spam - SPAMfighter

    Mar 30, 2012 ... Also, while bearing the same header "DHL Tracking Notification ID: [random number]" as within the previous scam, the new electronic mail has ...
  2. Fake DHL Shipment E-mail - Alert Details - Security Center - Cisco ...

    DHL-International-parcel-tracking-notification-5965177399.zip ... The MD5 checksum, which is a unique identifier of the executable, is the following string: ...
  3. DHL | Tracking | English

    DHL's online tracking is the fastest way to find out where your shipment is. ... The first column is a running event ID, the second describes the event, the third ... What's more, you get automatic notification of your pickups and deliveries via email ...
  4. DHL International Delivery email? Beware widespread malware attack

    Jun 11, 2012 ... A typical email has a subject line of "DHL Express Parcel Tracking notification [ random code]" or "DHL Express Tracking Notification ID [random ...
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  1. 3:24

    FedEx Lost Our iMac! - YouTube

    07/12/2011 às 09:52:36
    be shipping the product(s) to you using the same order number. You will receive a shipment notification that includes a tracking number for the ...

  2. 0:41

    Home Delivery Network acquires DHL Express - YouTube

    17/02/2010 às 09:04:19
    The Office of Fair Trading has cleared Home Delivery Network's acquisition of DHL Express domestic delivery business. HDN, which has a major ...

  3. 0:30

    BeInUS - International US Mail Forwarding Service - YouTube

    15/08/2011 às 22:32:25
    resident/home using our shipping partner (USPS, FedEx and DHL). Then you will receive an Email notification with the tracking number for the ...

  4. 2:09

    ACT Airbus A300 Crash Bagram Airfield Afghanistan - YouTube

    30/04/2010 às 00:05:49
    crew performed an emergency landing here March 1, 2010. The aircraft, contracted to DHL International, was carrying mail and cargo when an unsafe ...

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  1. JustLocal (Just Local): Alert: DHL Express Tracking Notification ID ...

    17/07/2012 às 22:49:00 por JustLocal
    Alert: DHL Express Tracking Notification ID 1WWY5218N40839. This morning I'm receiving quite a number of DHL Express Tracking Notifications which I suspect are malware. A check with the anti-virus program doesn't ...
  2. "Hello Dear" a DHL notification mail leads malware infection | E ...

    12/06/2012 às 14:36:00 por EHN Reporter
    A typical email has a subject line of "DHL Express Parcel Tracking notification [random code]" or "DHL Express Tracking Notification ID [random code]" or "DHL International Notification for shipment [random code]". Follow @ ...
  3. Malware spammed out as fake DHL tracking notifications | Naked ...

    21/03/2012 às 07:54:57 por Graham Cluley
    The latest incarnation of the attack uses emails similar to the following (the tracking notification number can vary): Malicious email claiming to come from DHL. Click for larger version. Subject: DHL Tracking Notification ID: ...
  4. Threat Outbreak Alert: Fake DHL Express Tracking Notification E ...

    23/05/2012 às 17:22:00 por Bradley Susser
    Thanks in advance, DHL Express International Inc. Or. Subject: DHL Express Tracking Notification ID A9ELGJGQD0CKGX4FQNQQ0. Message Body: Hello Dear, DHL Express Tracking Notification: Mon, 5 Feb 2012 13:07:27 ...
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