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mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

facebook chat disabler


  1. FB Chat Sidebar Disabler

    SocialReviver: The way YOU want Facebook to be! Get Rid of Chat Sidebar, Timeline, and/or other annoying features now! SocialReviver is a VittGam.net ...
  2. FB Chat Sidebar Disabler | Facebook

    FB Chat Sidebar Disabler. 4807 likes · 94 talking about this.
  3. SocialReviver: The way YOU want Facebook to be!

    SocialReviver lets you customize the social network Facebook in various ways. SocialReviver is the result of merging FB Chat Sidebar Disabler and New Profile ...
  4. Chrome Web Store - SocialReviver

    The way YOU want Facebook to be!
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  1. 3:30

    How To Get The Old Facebook Chat Back - YouTube

    04/08/2011 às 23:42:22
    This guide shows you how to disable Facebook's new chat sidebar system, and enable the old, more user friendly version. Google Chrome google ...

  2. 2:04

    FB Chat Sidebar Disabler - Get the old Facebook chat back! [chrome][firefox][opera] - YouTube

    07/08/2011 às 15:42:59
    Com esta extensão para o Google Chrome, Firefox e Opera, é possível voltar a utilizar o antigo chat do Facebook! Veja as melhores extensões para o ...

  3. 4:34

    How To Switch Back to old fb Chat! - YouTube

    06/08/2011 às 22:05:09
    Chat disabler (for Chrome): goo.gl Chat disabler (for Firefox): goo.gl Chat disabler (for Opera Mini): goo.gl twitter: @ddaryoush16 facebook.com ...

  4. 0:50

    Facebook Timeline Remover (UPDATED 30/9/2012) - YouTube

    11/06/2012 às 03:57:40
    (UPDATED 30/9/2012) Version 2.0 changelog: -Fixed chat disabling. -Added Auto-Block App on its reqeust -Fixed the framework issue. It has finally ...

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  1. The Good ol' Facebook Chat & How To Get It Back! | eMagzin ...

    28/07/2011 às 15:53:35 por Ambar Shante
    The Opera way: For all you blessed souls who use the very awesome but not so popular browser called Opera, you just need to open this link and install the Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler extension. 4.) The 4th way that I know of: Just open ...
  2. Change to Facebook Old Style Chat Application | Tricks For You

    01/12/2011 às 05:59:59 por kushagra.xx
    Dont like facebook new chat application... Its a gud news 4 u guys. This trick will help u to get rid of new chat application and change to Old style application... There are some tools to make that happen, Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler a ...
  3. Get Back Old Facebook Chat and Ticker Disabler für Chrome ...

    30/04/2012 às 04:32:00 por redaktion@winload.de (Redaktion Winload.de)
    Get Back Old Facebook Chat and Ticker Disabler für Chrome kostenlos zum Download auf Winload.de. .. Jetzt Get Back Old Facebook Chat and Ticker Disabler für Chrome downloaden!
  4. Return to old facebook chat [FB chat sidebar disabler]

    04/08/2011 às 12:28:00 por Tushar
    Well, facebook is changing its UI to add new features like voice and video chat. Recently it has changed the old chat interface and replace with a new chat side bar where all of your friends are visible without groups.
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    1. Understanding Social Problems

      Autor: Linda A. Mooney, David Knox, Caroline Schacht
      Ano publicação: 2012
      Páginas: 515 páginas
      Identificador: ISBN1111834482

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    Mais resultados

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