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mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

google maps offline symbian


  1. Google's Offline Maps Now Live In 150 Countries

    Jun 28, 2012 ... As of yesterday Google's new offline mapping capability for Android ... Too bad Google stopped supporting Maps for latest Symbian devices.
  2. Nokia Scoffs At Google's Offline Maps - Mobility - Smartphones -

    Jun 7, 2012 ... Google has announced that several new features are coming to its Google Maps for Mobile and Google Earth products in the coming weeks.
  3. Here's how you can use Google Maps offline

    Jun 22, 2012 ... Here's how you can use Google Maps offline. With the arrival of Nokia Maps on Windows Phone, the platform might have suddenly become the ...
  4. Maps and the importance of offline ? Nokia Conversations : the ...

    Jun 7, 2012 ... Pingback: Nokia Scoffs At Google's Offline Maps | SnaggStuff.com Blog. Pingback: Nokia Scoffs At Google's Offline Maps ? InformationWeek ...
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  1. 11:53

    Install MGMaps on mobile to use Offline Google Maps Pakistan -Symbian S60 - YouTube

    09/03/2011 às 16:03:11
    This tutorial explains installing Maps in Mobile application called MGMaps... Maps are already downloaded with GMapMaker

  2. 7:58

    Come scaricare/aggiornare le mappe di OVI su Nokia E7 (e simili) - YouTube

    01/03/2011 às 04:53:20
    andando quindi ben oltre il noto Google Maps che invece si limita a indicare la strada da percorrere. Il sistema OVI Mappe installato su Nokia E7 ...

  3. 1:58

    How to download Google Maps data for offline use - YouTube

    06/07/2011 às 15:04:02
    Phil walks through downloading Google Maps data for offline use.

  4. 11:24

    Orux Map, orientamento carta e mappe off line - YouTube

    24/03/2011 às 16:45:03
    Ultime novità della ultima versione di Orux Map

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  1. Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8 adds offline access ? Nokia ...

    06/09/2012 às 11:58:13 por Pino Bonetti
    Since we introduced our location-based apps for Nokia Lumia last year, the most requested feature was to make Nokia Maps work offline just like Nokia Drive. With the evolution of the Windows Phone platform, this feature is ..... Hi @disqus_rGigl4r2KO:disqus and @google-bf04b27849b2a04cf3155f332f111df4:disqus today we didn't announce any news concerning Nokia N9 or Symbian smartphones. Nokia Maps Suite has been recently updated for both platforms ...
  2. Benchmarking mobile maps ? Nokia Conversations : the official ...

    20/09/2012 às 11:20:57 por Pino Bonetti
    MS 31684. not having offline maps is inferior to me..Apple is no where in competition? Stylinred. sounds like it would be easier to just buy a local map than to use google maps abroad? Guest. Try to use latest symbian phone ...
  3. Nokia Maps vs Apple Maps ? Nokia Conversations : the official ...

    24/09/2012 às 17:00:03 por Paul Coombes
    Chad Watts. Federico they used to have good maps in Symbian, now in Lumia they are not offline anymore and very very limited. They used to be good. If we must have online maps go for Google Maps, way more complete.
  4. Nokia HERE Maps Sucks (Significantly) More Than Apple Maps ...

    21/11/2012 às 12:43:17 por Mike Blumenthal
    A search that both Apple Maps and Google Maps understands. Apparently Nokia ... They also offer the option to save a map for offline use, although the many warnings and caveats were discouraging. A map can take up to 13 ...
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  1. Here: in arrivo sul Play Store le nuove mappe Made in Nokia

    20/11/2012 às 08:35:32
    Nokia non getta la spugna, e torna a dir la sua anche all'interno del nostro Play Store, con l'annuncio ufficiale del rilascio di Here, il servizio di mappe offline Made in Nokia! ... Con l'avanzare della tecnologia Nokia sembra aver gettato un po' la ...


  2. Nokia lancia Here ed entra nella guerra delle mappe

    14/11/2012 às 08:44:20
    A partire dai dispositivi della mela, dove l'epurazione di Google Maps è coincisa con più di un passo falso della casa di Cupertino che, almeno in una prima fase, non è riuscita a fornire un servizio all'altezza del suo predecessore. E sappiamo quanto ...


  3. Nokia HERE maps app now available for iOS

    The Mobile Indian
    21/11/2012 às 07:13:36
    The Finnish handset major had surprised everyone by re-branding its Nokia Maps service as Nokia HERE and promised to release the app for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms as well. The HERE basically is the Nokia Maps service packaged for the ...

    The Mobile Indian

  4. Hands-On: Nokia's 'Here Maps' iOS App Is a Buggy Eyesore

    20/11/2012 às 18:53:48

  5. Nokia's HERE Maps Make Strong Debut In Apple App Store ...

    21/11/2012 às 08:36:38

  6. Here Maps by Nokia arrives on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Mobot.net (blog)
    20/11/2012 às 17:04:03

  7. Nokia Here Maps Available Now for iOS

    20/11/2012 às 14:36:59

  8. Nokia Here Maps App Coming To iOS, Apple Should Welcome It ...

    13/11/2012 às 17:40:15
    It will be available as a free download, according to a Nokia press release, and will be based on HTML5, feature offline modes, voice-guided walking directions and built-in public transit guidance, some of which aren't present in Apple's native Maps ...


  9. Nokia Unveils HERE Maps for Multiple Mobile Platforms

    PC Magazine
    13/11/2012 às 19:26:19

  10. Nokia Unveils Cross-Platform Maps Product

    Wireless Week
    13/11/2012 às 19:14:36

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  1. Mobile Platforms and Development Environments

    Autor: Sumi Helal, Raja Bose, Wengdong Li
    Ano publicação: 2012
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    Identificador: ISBN1608458660

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    Autor: Maximiliano Firtman
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    Autor: Jonathan Stark, Brian Jepson
    Ano publicação: 2012
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